Eiffel tower bathroom set

Eiffel tower bathroom set paris accessories decor

Eiffel tower bathroom set paris accessories decor


Towel is commonly used to dry the body after the bathing done. There are several types of towels depending on the benefits, namely body towels, face towels, sports towels, and hand towels. Body towels are usually large because they have to dry the body. Meanwhile, the face towel has a mediocre size or even small.

For a perfect bath ritual, towels are mandatory items that need to be provided in the bathroom. In addition to the towel shaped strands, there is also a bath towel in the form of robes. The advantages of using this robe towel is able to simultaneously become the cover of the body when the bath activity has been completed.

A good towel is a towel that easily absorbs water, thick, but still soft when applied to the body.

Bath Mat

Although trivial, one of the bathroom equipment that should not be forgotten is a bath mat. Activities in the water-related bathroom definitely make the whole body wet. So that the water does not participate soak the room, needed a doormat to dry the feet.

We can choose mats that are simple and without motive. After all, its function is only to be trampled. However, there are now many offers of different types of mats that are funny and unique. Not only favor the function, this mat can also be one accessory that beautify the room. Bath mat is good and quality is a mat that easily absorbs water and easy to dry if dried.

Liquid Soap Dispenser

Not just water that needs a dispenser, soap as well. Because it is liquid, soap needs a special place that is practical. There are various models of soap dispensers, ranging from funny, modern, vintage, and elegant. Like a water dispenser, this liquid soap dispenser will remove soap when pressed. Not only superior in function, this liquid soap dispenser can be an accessory that makes the bathroom feel not monotonous.

Soap dispenser

In addition to the liquid soap, the soap bar became one of the equipment that must exist in a bathroom. There are various forms of soap that we can choose, ranging from wood, plastic, or ceramic. If you want to buy a soap, make sure the size is not too small or large. Thus, this place is ideal for placing standard-sized soaps. You can also choose whether to use a soap that can be hung or just put on the shelf.

Bathroom Curtain

If your bathroom is a dry type bathroom and you use a bath tub and shower, you definitely need a shower curtain. This curtain serves to cover the activity of the shower as well as blocking the abundant water out. So do not look boring, choose the type of curtain that is funny and cheerful motif. For size, make sure the curtain is sufficient, both in terms of length and width. Material curtains also need to be considered. For example, you can choose a curtain of polyester fabric knitted with an aqueous coating. The curtain of this material will be straight depending on the load on the bottom of the curtain.

Toothbrush Holder

Have you ever seen a toothbrush lying on the bathroom shelf? Supposedly, toothbrush is well protected so as not to get infected by various germs. These germs may enter the body through the mouth when a toothbrush is used. Therefore, using a closed toothbrush place is the right solution. With this holder, toothbrush will be guaranteed cleanliness.

Clothes Towel and Clothes

To dry a towel and wet clothes, clothes are required. Things to consider when buying clothesline are the bathroom area or place to put the clothesline. Do not force yourself to buy a large laundry if the available space is not too wide. Another point is about the strength and durability of the clothesline. Make sure the clothes are made of materials that are not easily broken or collapsed when burdened with clothes or a wet towel.

Toilet Tissue Roll

If you are used to using a tissue when doing the activity in the bathroom, you certainly have to prepare a special place in the form of toilet paper rolls. There are various forms of rollers to choose from, ranging from simple to the best.

Towel and Cloth Hangers

Do not forget to make sure there are towel racks and clothes in your bathroom. This part is very important because it will make it easier for you to store clothes used before bathing. You can choose a hanger that has a hook or just a round iron where towels can be inserted.

Toothpaste Dispenser

For toothpaste, you can also use a dispenser. This tool aims to control the pressure that is not accidental when removing toothpaste so it does not come out in large quantities.


In addition to some of these objects, there are also various bathroom accessories that you can choose, such as shelves to store various small objects, scoop, shelves, and so forth.

Having all these objects in the bathroom is a very ideal condition. However, do not forget to make sure your bathroom is not too cramped with the existence of various objects. You also need to jelly arrange placement so as not to look messy. Instead of feeling comfortable, you will be lazy to take a bath because of the many objects stored there.

Another thing you need to consider is the cleanliness of these tools. As we know, the bathroom is a humid place so it is easy to become a nesting place of germs. Therefore, the objects in the bathroom should be cleaned periodically. Towels and similar items should be washed thoroughly and dried in a sunlit place. This is done to avoid the proliferation of mushrooms.

The ideal bathroom is not a bathroom filled with luxurious amenities, but the bathroom is kept clean. Water flowing smoothly became one of the important criteria for a quality bathroom.

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Eiffel tower bathroom set
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