Eiffel tower shower curtain

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Having a small bathroom does make you have to act and think extra in setting interior inside. Because the space is limited, you need to make sure your small bathroom still able to fulfill the proper function, giving the room a comfortable enough space and has an order that remains attractive and spacious at the same time.

And when talking about the bathroom and the interior, then you will of course talk about the device in it, including the problem of the shower curtain, though not all bathroom models use shower curtain.

Usually the shower curtain is used for bathrooms with modern style with irrigation system using bath tub or with shower. Basically the function of the shower curtain is to prevent water splashing into the wall and the other side of the bathroom during your shower. But on the other hand this curtain also helps you improve privacy in the bathroom.

Back to the bathroom problem with a tiny size, even when you intend to install the shower curtain, then you need to consider the color and style of the shower curtain in order to fit the order of interior bathroom. You need to remember the style and color of the shower curtain can have an effect on the impression of a narrow or roomy from your bathroom.

You can choose the bathroom curtain with pale color and plain or embossed style for the effect of simple shower curtain. This is indeed the easiest and least risky choice for your bathroom. But if you already use pale or monochrome colors on ceramics and walls, then a pale curtain like this will make your bathroom seem flat.

You can choose the bathroom in white or pale but with a large picture that is striking and strong colors. It gives a dramatic bit of kick and gives a touch of interest in your monochrome bathroom. Even if your bathroom is already pale, you can just choose a colored curtain and patterned quite striking.

Another option is to choose one color from the color blend in the bathroom. Choose the lightest color so as not to give the impression is too full and crowded. Or at least in the gradations of a color that is younger than the color of dominance in your bathroom.

A little creative in choosing a bathroom curtain was also a powerful way to make your small bathroom looks roomy as well as beautiful. Nothing wrong with dressing your bathroom so far from the impression boring is not it?

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Eiffel tower shower curtain
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