Eiffel tower wall decor

Eiffel tower wall decor metal stickers with lights target decorative decal sculpture wire iron small mirror fetco paris light up art hanging canvas pictures ikea

A house complete with wall hangings will look more attractive than a house with a plain wall. Are you one of those people who agree with this statement? Of course, this is relatively relative, depending on how one sees it.

If you are the person who agrees with the statement, are you getting bored with the ambience of your innocent wall? You can start building the atmosphere in your dwelling so much fun you know.

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Build a home atmosphere not only from choosing the furniture you use, but also through wall decoration. Wall hangings do not have to be expensive, you can get cheap wall hangings

eiffel tower wall decor metal stickers with lights target decorative decal sculpture wire iron small mirror fetco paris light up art hanging canvas pictures ikea

1. Wall Decoration of CD Pieces

Have lots of CDs (Compact Disk) that accumulate? You can use CD pieces as wall decoration. In this digital age, many people have already left the CD and are switching to a digital music provider for streaming. Unfortunately if the CD at home is left dusty, better make wall decoration only!

Moreover, thin strips made of aluminum can reflect a beautiful color when exposed to light. Pas as a beautiful wall decoration, right?

2. The Dark Room? Glow in the Dark Sticker The answer!

The room is dark? You can use glow in the dark stickers that can light up in the dark. These stickers are sold in various forms and the price is fairly cheap. This sticker can also be affixed to the wall without damaging it.

This type of sticker is widely used as wall decoration children’s room. But, that does not mean adults can not wear glow in the dark in his room really. The form of glow in the dark is also varied and funny, not to worry about not finding what you like!

3. Maximize Your Tissue Toilet Rolls So Wall Decoration

If you look around at the items around you, there are actually many used or unused items that you think are useless, but can be re-processed into something unthinkable.

One of them became the creation of wall decoration from the roll of toilet tissue. If you usually throw it away, you may start thinking again to collect them from now on. With a little creativity, the scrolls can you put together into a wall hanging that is cost-effective and cool!

4. Create Bottle Caps So Your Wall Decoration

You have a pretty unique collection of items? Instead of just being put and stored, try their magic to be a wall decoration of your room. Do not underestimate the things of your collection, they can change your room so unique and different from others.

Surely you never imagined the bottle cap could be a decoration for the wall of the room, right? By compiling it, this bottle cap can bring a classic atmosphere in your room. To add to the impression of a more interesting creations, you can use bottle caps from various brands.

5. Creative Wall Hanging with 3 Dimension Origami

Maybe for you, the creation of a flat wall decoration is too mainstream and no longer feels special to you. Try yuk make that more special from 3D origami (3 dimension) that have depth! Preparations are cheap, just capitalize origami paper, scissors, and wall solatip.

You can easily find instructions on how to create origami on the Internet. Starting from the shape of butterflies, or hearts. Then, prepare the material in the form of a string and hang it on the wall of the ceiling or make it look flying. So cool wall hangings, right?

6. Wall Decoration Can Also Wear Wallpaper from Furing Fabrics

Are you a fan of wall hangings from wallpapers? There is a cheaper way you know! You can use a patterned furing cloth as wall hangings in the room. Furing fabric is a thin type of fabric that is used for bag bags. This fabric is also easy to find in the market.

Well, choose a motif that suits your taste or customize with your dwelling concept. Combine it with other creations of your creations!

7. Wall Hanging with Poster or Used Magazine

Poster you like can show your personality. Depending on the picture of the poster you like, this wall decoration has many variations, many fans too.

Want far cheaper and have a more vintage impression? There is another way! Check out the pile of magazines you have. You can decorate the walls of the room by sticking a page that you think is artistic. Scissor neatly then paste on the room wall. Feel this wall hanging less cool? Arrange the placement of the page composition to your creations. Guaranteed, your room will be more colorful with artistic wall hangings.

8. Wall Hanging from Creative Photo Frame

If you use wooden photo frames too mainstream and spend too much budget, you can create your own picture frame. You can use masking tape or washi tape to frame your favorite photos. Alternatively, you can also use the colorful Japanese ribbon. The Japanese ribbon is also more easily shaped because it is more rigid.

If you prefer wall decoration from picture frames, you can make wall hangings in the form of a collage of photo frames in your room.

9. Ever Thinking Plate Eating Can Be Wall Hanging?

Want something more beautiful for your wall hangings? You can use dishes with antique motifs. So that you do not spend much on this plate, you can use old plates or look for them in secondhand stores.

Use a special glue that has a strong adhesive power to paste it. Or, you can set them on a sturdy wall shelf. When arranging the wall decoration of the plate, determine the pattern or layout of the decoration first.

10. Wallpaper Too Expensive? Try Decorating the Wall with Wall Sticker

There are so many creations to decorate the walls to make it look more interesting to see, one of them by using a lot of wall stickers on the market. Compared to wallpapers, wall hangings from wall stickers have a much cheaper price you know. In addition, his creation is also all sorts and does not take up a lot of places like wallpaper.

Choose a wall sticker with certain images and themes that match the concept of the room to describe your personality. If you like the natural concept, you can use floral wall sticker in the form of flowers or plants.

How, cheap and beautiful decoration right? Which one do you like?

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