Fitted sheets for 10 inch King and Queen mattress

Bed linen (or commonly called sheets, bed sheets, sprey, sepray and others) can not be separated by the bed. To make the bed to feel comfortable, the presence of sheets is needed. Understanding Bedsheet is a sheet of cloth that is used to cover or coat a mattress or bed.

In general, there are two types of bed linen bed sheets, namely: flat bed linen is flat and ordinary linen bed linen dibagian the ends of the fabric given rubber fasteners that can be installed more attached to the mattress. While the material of making sheets are: cotton, linen, satin, silk, rayon, bamboo fiber, and also a mixture of polyester with cotton.

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Bed linen is sometimes combined with a bed cover to increase comfort during sleep, especially for cold rooms such as air-conditioned or mountainous. Bed cover in addition can be a blanket, also reduce the bed sheets are not dirty quickly.

Choosing Type of Bed Sheet

Sheets on the market are available in a variety of standard sizes and ready-made sponges.

Rubber sheets full fitted.

This type of bed linen elastic berkaret on the four ends. For sheets with rubber tip is more appropriate for spring mattress. What should be noted for the fitted sheets is the height of the spring mat itself. The average height of the spring mattress is 20-25 cm.

Semi-fitted rubber bed sheet.

This type only has an elastic band at both ends of the bottom and both upper ends without rubber.

Bed linen

Represents a full fitted rubber bed sheets with a tassel on three sides, can side down, right side and / or left side. So aside from the cover of the mattress, as well as cover under the bed.

Flat / flat sheets

This sheets to coat the blankets to keep the blankets clean and skin is not itchy because usually the quilt is made of furry material. Usually used in many hotels or apartments.

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