Unique dish sets

Unique dish sets. The plate is a flat and slightly concave dinnerware, where food is placed, made of porcelain, stone, plastic, metal, or glass. Sometimes wood is also used.

There are also dishes that serve as decorating the room, usually in the form of plates that many ornaments or made from precious metals or precious stones.

unique dish sets

Plates also have a variety of sizes. For disposable plates usually used material from paper or styrofoam.

1. Chest Plate

This plate is made by using a women’s breasts.

Women in a small village in New Zealand launched the latest trend art: breast painting.

Breast painting has been around a long time, but these women do not paint their breasts to expose them; they paint their bodies to express themselves.

The women at Buttercups Ceramic Studio at Hurworth cover their chests with paint like mammograms to some dishes for charity.

The ladies did some designs, including pandas, cherries, Christmas puddings and bees.

2. Dietable Plate Sets

Unique Plate of Shape and How to Make it Gan !!!!

A Japanese chef specializes in making edible menus and cutlery.

Instead of using plastic bowls, plates and chopsticks, the cutlery made from a piece of crusty bread is a dough made from flour, water, and salt which Dezeen says is traditionally used in the case of seafaring food emergencies.

Unlike bread made from ordinary flour, the biscuits are quite durable and will last up to four months provided they are kept in a dry place.

3. Plate Set Made of Root Crop

In an effort to create a form of zero waste, students of the Dutch design department have tried to use the rest of the coffee grinder and plant roots to make plates and bowls. The collection has since been nicknamed Wasteware.

4. Porcelain Paper Plates

The porcelain plate model with a paper-like shape was made by Virginia Sin. This idea is said not original because previously had been made plastic glass porcelain.

To get this look, the actual paper plate is used, then torn after it has been pasted as a plate mold. Unfortunately the price offered is expensive for a bigger plate for $ 85.

5. “Broken” Plates

The idea behind this shape is to use an existing dish splinter and reunite to form a new plate mold.

This form of plate is seen as the fruit of high thought because it creates a new luxury from the scorn of the luxury of perfection.

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Unique dish sets
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